Cat lovers 1

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Backkara's Origo with his new owners
Backkara's Dártagnan and his small owner
Annika Johnsson and a lot of cats
Anne Merete Tøssebro and Roane's Samos
Pontus Nyman and White Treasure's Classic Code
Roane's Linus and baby
Roane's Linus and a girl
Roane's Linus and baby
Photo from Alan Aymard
Laetitia Mourel with Top Hat and her husband at Nice airport
Backkara's Elton and Julie
Backkara's Elton, Julie and Backkara's Rambaldi
Nadine from Bordeaux with a lot of cats Nadine and Nuance's Prospect
Oddenvejens Amie and Blossom du Baronnet
K-B Kjellsson
K-B Kjellsson
K-B Kjellsson with Inspire Girl and ?
K-B Kjellsson
Hanny Rosendal and Enzo
Backkara's Guardian Angel and Leo
K-B and Backkara's Monet
Yaal and Backkara's Monet
Backkara's Online and a girl
Aprillia & Wellington Aprillia & Mimosa
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